Filmy Fridays… Grand Hotel (1932)

Grand Hotel did it before soppy rom-coms like Valentine’s Day. Continue reading


The Best in Blanks

To snail mail being a thing of the past- I say NAY! Nothing perks curiosity or gives the same small thrill as receiving mail from a friend. I love to keep notecards around at all times (and cute stamps to boot). Check out some of these awesomely cute and versatile notecards. Next time your girlfriend gets that promotion or you’ve almost missed a birthday greeting AGAIN, just toss one of these friendly folds in the mail.

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Getting Crafty with Your Uncrafty Self

How often have you trolled the endless digital pit that is Pinterest and thought “How do they do that?” or “AGH, I am so unoriginal and way less cool than these crafty freaks!” Perhaps you put it in a more roundabout way but the sentiment is the same. Who has time to come up with this stuff? Those fun, “little” Pinterest project can turn into big, time-consuming monsters for the craft-impaired. Continue reading