Getting Crafty with Your Uncrafty Self

How often have you trolled the endless digital pit that is Pinterest and thought “How do they do that?” or “AGH, I am so unoriginal and way less cool than these crafty freaks!” Perhaps you put it in a more roundabout way but the sentiment is the same. Who has time to come up with this stuff? Those fun, “little” Pinterest project can turn into big, time-consuming monsters for the craft-impaired.

So, if you are the person who walks into Michael’s and has an instant meltdown or you’re just short on time, have no fear! Here are just a few essentials for getting crafty. These are simple items that I’ve found to be lifesavers when you’re just looking to add a personal touch or assembling over 200 party favors…

Glue Gun


You absolutely need to buy a glue gun! There are few crafting disasters that some melty glue can’t solve. As the semi-stiff backbone of most good projects, they open doors for a lot of good ideas to work. Don’t forget to buy plenty of refill packs!


The Letterpress Look


Most quirky unique cards have fun fonts in relief print. Let’s be real though, majority of us don’t own and are not interested in investing in the tools for that kind of technique. The quick and easy option: STAMPS! Stock up on some ink and scour your local craft store for fun stamps and you can make any product unique. Be sure to get fast drying ink as nothing is more likely to bring palm to face then a smudged stamp job. Black or gold ink tends to work best for most project.

*If you’re ready to move beyond craft store stamps, try ordering a personalized stamp online. Make it your favorite quote and stamp it on mailed cards for a personal touch!


Washi Tape


Washi tape is a huge crafting trend right now. Shops use it for quick, personalized gift wrapping and now you can too! It can brighten up any card, gift wrap, or even a boring phone case. There’s a style for every season and it’s one of the more useful tools for a quick project. Try it in red polka dots or, my personal favorite, glitter gold!


Ribbons and Ribbons


You’ve probably seen the HUGE bins of sale ribbons at a craft store at one point or another. Next time you pass one, DON’T! Ribbons and string are perfect for a plethora of projects. You can string up a cute bunting banner or put the finishing touches on a gift box. Stock up on multiple colors and designs so you’re ready next time inspiration strikes!


Stocks of Stock

From place cards to gift tags and more, you definitely need to stock up on card stock! Craft stores sell them by the piece or in bundles and there’s always some on sale. Be sure to get some basic brown kraft paper to dress up and some fun prints as well. You can hole punch it, stamp it, fold it, hack it up- go crazy!


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