The Best in Blanks

To snail mail being a thing of the past- I say NAY! Nothing perks curiosity or gives the same small thrill as receiving mail from a friend. I love to keep notecards around at all times (and cute stamps to boot). Check out some of these awesomely cute and versatile notecards. Next time your girlfriend gets that promotion or you’ve almost missed a birthday greeting AGAIN, just toss one of these friendly folds in the mail.

1. For that extra special, personal touch, give a gift and a card all in one. These fancy postcards serve as your blank canvas for a mini watercolor masterpiece in postcard form. Amazon.

2. Some of my best notecard finds have been at Target. Not only do they have a quirky collection, but you CANNOT beat the price. Grabs a few stacks and don’t break the bank in the process. Target.

3. Let’s be honest, the notecard markets is dominated by the female demographic. With this in mind, pick up some funky, feminine prints on your next notecard-buying spree. PaperSource.

4. In honor of those letter-toting pioneers, I give you the Pony Express Blank Note set. Pay homage to the equestrian heritage of the U.S. post with these cute cards. RiflePaperCo.

5. These blank notes may seem somewhat plain but they ooze possibilities! Ready for any occasion, glue, draw, or paint a funky image on this card for nearly any occasion- confetti, ballons, glitter- go crazy! CraftsinVogue@Etsy.


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