Filmy Fridays… Pride and Prejudice (2005)


As a proud Jane Austen nerd, I can tell you this: nothing will divide a room of Jane Austen fans like choosing your favorite Pride and Prejudice film.

The object of multiple remakes, the totally lovable tale of Elizabeth and Darcy has been televised, Hollywoodized (not to mention Bollywoodized!), and zombified. Nonetheless, Pride and Prejudice  has always been the object of my reading affections (or let’s just say, I’ve read it more than once, twice, five times…).


Though many have tried to recreate it, I would have to say the 2005 film rendition of Pride is the version for the story’s lovers (Oh YES I said it!). Most know the tale: there’s pride, there’s prejudice, love wins, etc. The beauty of this film: it doesn’t waste time explaining that to you. It simply, beautifully, and breathtakingly brings the story to life. With ooh-worthy panoramas of the English countryside and plenty of English humor, it’s a joy for Anglophiles and Austen fans alike. So when your friends ask you to go the the beach this weekend- DON’T! Lock yourself in your house with a cup of tea and watch this movie!


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