Dreaming Pregnant

All the books, blogs, and mommy-to-be sites in the world will not prepare you for pregnancy! Everyone is so absolutely different that there is just no way to know what tricks your body (and MIND) will cook up especially for you. That being said, your body can be pretty creative about it!

I had heard about pregnancy dreams from a few people but living through them was weird, strange, and weirder! In my non-pregnant life, the workings of my mind while I slumbered were rarely remembered once the sun came up. That was, unless my dreams were strange, convoluted, and senseless. This should’ve been a red light. Toss some major hormones in there and you have a doozy!


Well, several weeks into my first trimester, it happened! It went something like this…


My husband Tom and I are at a Christmas party at some cousin’s house whom I have never met. They gifted us a HUGE flat screen TV (sweet! definitely a dream). As I’m perusing the house, I’m aware that one of my unknown cousin’s is currently dating Kanye West. They slip out of the party at some point. Suddenly I realize that Tom has been out to the car a little long, packing up our shiny new TV. I make my way out the front door just in time to see Yeezy make a speedy getaway in a big, black SUV, and in the process, careening into Tom! His body goes flying into a ditch, body parts skewn across the lawn! I run to his side. He’s missing an arm and a leg! As I kneel next to him crying hysterically, trying to get someone to call 911 and catch hit-and-run Kanye, I slowly watch Tom turn gray as he dies from his wounds…


And this is the part when I wake up crying like a fool and scoot over to clutch my living and very much asleep husband. The emotion was indescribable! I needed to shake him awake just to dull the shock of the dream and the possibility that perhaps Kanye West did in fact murder my husband. Tom was not impressed by my reasoning for waking him from blissful sleep but this was no ordinary nightmare. Regular dream- you wake up and feel better. Pregnant dream- those emotions and hormones are still kicking for a good, long while after it’s over.


My second trimester was mostly uneventful in dream world. Then, my third trimester began, and so exhibit B…


I’m home at our apartment when a package comes. Oh, it’s our new baby! Delivered by mail! So normal! I eagerly unearth our sweet baby boy (strange, because I’m having a girl). His small body is still riddled with rashes, fresh from birth, and he needs a bath. I carefully give hime a sponge bath, rock him to sleep, and place his small, delicate body into his cradle. I’m in love! Moments later, my nesting bliss is interrupted by a phone call from the post office. “Sorry ma’am, that baby is not yours. We’ve sent a carrier back to pick up the baby.” Oh…ok…honest mistake, I suppose. I robotically return to the cradle to pack up my baby for pick up. One small change has occurred: my baby has now become a small, white, downy-furred Husky puppy. He eagerly trots towards me in the cradle, big eyes and small, wagging tale. I begin to cry. Before I know it, the mailman has arrived and I place my babypuppy in the back seat of the mail car. All of a sudden, babypuppy runs to the window crying out, “Don’t leave me Mommy! Don’t leave me!” I breakdown completely, running alongside the car as it leaves, rubbing my babypuppy’s cheeks as the car pulls away…


As before, I wake up bawling unconsolably. Tom is once again bewildered as I ramble on, “They took my babypuppy! They took him away!” It took a good, long while to come down from this one.


My pregnant brain had once again tricked me, using those I love against me! Stupid, horrible hormones! As I now close in on the final four weeks of my pregnancy, I can say that my dreaming mind has behaved itself since this last incident. Though I won’t count my chickens too soon, because this pregnancy has never failed to throw me for a loop!



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