This Week So Far

While I’ve been trying to catch up with life, I’ve realized my blogging has fallen terribly behind. But I have not been idle. We’ve been doing a lot of renovations on our home. Maggie is 6 months old already.  I can probably think up a dozen more excuses but that would be super lame. The timing will never be perfect to keep up with something like this and I just need to SHUT UP AND WRITE!

Anyways, it’s been a packed few months and we have a hectic and exciting summer ahead of us. Here’s a taste of what’s been going on around here.

So we checked out the Country Living Magazine Fair this past weekend in Rhinebeck, NY. I have to say it was delightfully overwhelming. Too many vendors to count, lots of demo shows, and plenty of awesome food. I was especially lucky to see a demo by Libbie Summers, “15 Fun and Festive Cake Decorating Ideas”. Cakes covered in gumballs, cotton candy, PEZ candy, it was deliciously inspiring. And keen marketing because I went and bought her book after (and she signed my copy).


After the fair, we headed over to a family member’s country home not far from Rhinebeck. Our generous hosts provided a delicious meal and relaxation and a bag of cherries to remember them by.


After a torturous winter, I’ve been savoring every hint of warm weather for all it’s got! Including clipping the first rose bloom that popped up in our yard. As my husband pointed out, perhaps I should have left it in it’s natural habitat but whatever, I’m human, that’s what we do, destroy nature. Sorry! But it looks really nice in my thrift store bottle! *Note the sarcasm people, I love nature!


Synonym for heaven: the most perfect white cake recipe with about a foot of cotton candy piled on top. As mine and my mother’s birthdays are coming up next week, I’ve decided that this will be the first recipe I’ll attempt from the Sweet and Vicious cookbook (it’s really more of a bakebook).




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