Product Rave: Not Looking Like a Run-Down Mommy

I love my daughter but my little ray of sunshine is quickly becoming a night owl. Though she is still hopelessly lacking in pearly whites, I’ll blame it on the teething. Every night is different. She’s up every hour. She sleeps through the night. Needless to say, I’m waking up like a zombie (when I hear my alarm, anyway…I slept through 4 of them this morning).

These circumstances and the fact that I’m typically light on my beauty routine do not mix well. I’ve always been somewhat anti-fake lashes, smokey-eye , rouge-crazy (for day time at least). Foundationing and concealing away my dark circles and puffy eyes was not an enticing option.

Then my July Birchbox arrived And I found Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (cue the harp!)

image (8)

I’m not a big product raver. HUGE pet peeve: pointless product reviews! “Oh yea, I literally just opened the box and the packaging is nice. Hope this works!” Really? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! But this product has really helped me feel comfortable in my own skin, which is hard when you’re feeling pretty worn out.

I’ve been using this in the AM and PM for about 2 weeks (not on the most consistent basis either) and I see a significant difference! This cream feels nice and cool going on and not sticky or heavy throughout the day. Plus, it smells like citrus. Results were instant with my first use as my under eye area brightened. After two weeks, even better results and…

image (9)

This pic is after 2 weeks of use and about 4 hours of sleep (give or take). Besides the fact that this stuff actually works, it’s got a ton of natural ingredients! As of right now, this product is exclusive to Birchbox. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way and the results are pretty fantastic.



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