On My List

You’re on my list. And in this case, that’s where you want to be. Just a few things that I’m into at the moment.

The Chocolate Dipped Potato Chip

1. I tend to feel 10 pounds heavier just reading this blog but my torrid love affair with chocolate-dipped potato chips cannot be tamed. Check out this recipe! Joy the Baker.

Gum Drop Ice Cream Cone Toppers DIY | Oh Happy Day!

2. So I’m already plotting Maggie’s first birthday party. It’s in November. Too soon? Whatever. I’m thinking Summer in November theme and these cupcake toppers are pretty gosh darn adorable! Oh Happy Day.

3. Basically I don’t know anyone with a super organized vanity but this piece by Elle Decor has the most beautiful, souped-up vanity I’ve ever seen. ElleDecor.

4. If you love DIY, super clean video, and poppy music, check out Leaf. Plenty of cute how-to videos, all fitness, food, and fashion. I made their coconut & lavender body scrub for my mom for Mother’s Day . My younger sister scooped and scrubbed before my momĀ got a chance, so I’ll take that as a positive review. Leaf.


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