Raising a Reader, Not a Tweeter

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I doubt there is a responsible parent out there who hasn’t worried about the kind of world they have brought their children into. Trends come and go, each stranger than the next. Technology is evolving. Morality is dying. I’m painting a real cheery picture here. I just worry that the simple things will be (or already are) lost. Mainly, that my child won’t read.

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Go Home Halloween, You’re Drunk!

Halloween is probably the holiday I hate the most. Call me a party pooper but I just dislike it. I’m thinking this started at the age it became uncool to actually wear a costume. I still don’t see the problem with the good old sheet over your head with cut-out eye holes. Call me crazy but the ghost costume gets me every time. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Expect When I Was Expecting


Holding a positive pregnancy test. Scary. Exciting. Amazing. Joyful. Scary. If some form of fear did not cross your mind the first time you pee’d on that stick and it meant something, you are a far stronger breed than I.

For me, this is where it began. It was real now. I was having a baby. The world that I so foolishly thought revolved around me just got itself a moon. Naively, or stupidly, I felt somewhat prepared. Growing up with 5 other siblings, babysitting for other large families that we considered an extension of our own. I had the mechanics down. Diapers, late nights, no big deal. And I’m sure the whole nurturing a human being thing would come in time, right? While I was aware that things would be changing, I clearly did not realize that I needed to change the most. Continue reading