On My List

HAPPY OCTOBER! I’m feeling listy so here are a few things tickling my fancy as of late.


1. I was a dexterous self-manicurist in college. Most nights were spent surrounded by text books, doing wacky nail art by the light of my laptop (Christmas sweater nail art, enough said). Half-moon nails were big a few years back but now the ruffian manicure, a slight twist on the half-moon, is cropping up all over. It’s pretty simple to do and a perfect start for stepping up your manicure game. Birchbox.


2. I have enough magazines to line a million bird cages but I’m determined to change that. This articles has fantastic guidelines for organizing those magazines from 3 summers ago into clean, organized inspiration.  Make Life Lovely.


3. This etsy shops incorporates 2 things I love: Jane Austen and Bible quotes. These downloadable prints come at a thrifty $5 or you can pay a bit more for printing service. And there are some nursery-perfect monograms in there too! Printable Wisdom.

joythebaker cookbook

4. My obsession with Joy Wilson and her decadent treats has reached new heights! The countdown to her new cookbook release has begun but you can preorder it now and receive a free foodie print. Joy the Baker.


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