Lately… Babbling Babes, Mediocre YA Novels, and Summering

Happy Summer All! The season is already flying by and I’m freaking out! There’s not enough time. To watch sunsets. To play outside. To keep up a blog… There has been tons going on and I thought an update was called for. Some things exciting. Others not so much but I will punish you with my mediocrity regardless. Here’s how we’re summering over here.

Mexico AdventuresIMG_0974
While the kiddos had a weekend of fun with the grandparents, Tom and I took a solo trip to Mexico. Most of our vacations abroad have been spent sightseeing and exploring. This time, we resolved to be utterly useless and relaxed. And that lasted about one day. We had booked a day full of excursions for day 2. We saw the Mayan Ruins at Tulum, snorkled in a cenote, and swam with sea turtles in Akumal Bay. Lots of margaritas and sunshine. Typically we’re not big into vacationing for the sake of vacationing but the timing worked, the kids were covered (thanks to wonderful family!) and it was lovely!


Running Through SummerIMG_1127I’m not sure how I managed to marry a runner given my hatred for cardio, but it happened (mind you this tendency arose after the nuptials). My dislike very likely stems from jealousy though. Tom has all of my admiration and pride for his consistent running. He’s participating in the Long Island Summer Run Series, a series of 5k, 10k, etc races every Monday night, for the summer. While most years I’m cheering for him while waving a baby in the air, this year Maggie has joined my cheering squad. She even caught a kiss from Daddy as he made a pass.


If You Can’t Take the Heat, Crawl Into the FreezerIMG_1225

Kolbe is too much. Way too mobile. Way too loud. And gets way too hot! As of late, my monster man is happiest whilst plopped in front of an open freezer door. We’re putting off spoiling ourselves with A/C too early in the season but he will probably break us. Did I mention he’s way too adorable?

Mo’ Maggiegiphy
Popping bubbles at Mommy & Me Dance
Magdalen is navigating the Terrible Twos. And while some times have been terrible, it’s also really exciting! So there’s been some poop on the floor and public tantrums. Messiness aside, it’s been so exciting to watch her grow. To watch Mary Poppins together. To see her learn to love dance as I did. I’m cherishing these days with her but I’m so looking forward to her coming into her own. While I’m missing days past, the future is looking pretty beautiful.
And for Mommy
I did not finish a new YA novel series (Across the Universe by Beth Revis anyone? Not impressed).
I’ve scratched the surface of an ambitious summer reading list. Is it cheating to use audiobooks?
Watercolor painting has always fascinated me so I’ve made some pretty awful first attempts at it, but I’m loving it!
I’ve had decent success getting the kids outside every day that I possibly can despite nasty weather.
Managed to squeeze in Mommy & Me dance class and swim lessons for Maggie.
I haven’t kept up the negligible tan I worked on in Mexico.
I’ve been burning through podcasts like an arsonist (Stuff You Missed in History Class, good stuff)
Maggie can identify every herb growing in my tiny garden.
Working on getting life in order for a summer that is brimming with the good stuff of life (weddings, parties, showers, etc)
Trying to stay mindful at work and remembering to switch hats when I get home.
Trying to live a little more unplugged.
More dancing in the kitchen and less living from behind my phone.
More laughing and a little less discipline.
More digging in the dirt and less TV babysitting.
Lots of praying and hoping that I am getting this all right.
I hope your summer has been amazing, with little stress, maybe a bit too much sun, and plenty of basking in the good stuff of life.
How are you doing? Do you need more unplugged time? Are these times passing by while you wallow in worries? I hope not. I wish you the best!




4 thoughts on “Lately… Babbling Babes, Mediocre YA Novels, and Summering

  1. Great blog Jess. You write very well and don’t worry, you’ve got this Mommy thing down pat. You are a great Mom to those two little ones.


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