Lately… I’ve Been Saying No

Thank you baby wipes, for coming in the clutch when I bring my laptop into Starbucks only to realize it’s covered in gunk and pasta sauce. And these aren’t even baby stains. It’s like Mom-cooks-on-top-of-her-expensive-gadgets-and-never-cleans-this-thing stains. Now where was I…

Oh right. Where have the Schaefer’s been the past months? The answer is absolutely all over the place. At least my mind has been. With Baby #3 on the way, a basement renovation, both the kids starting preschool, work schedules changing, and no dull moments EVER, it’s been hectic. Full of blessed privileges and chaos. I’m 99% sure that’s only half of it. Oh and per doctor’s orders, “Mrs. Schaefer you should take it easy”.  Continue reading