Lately… I’ve Been Saying No

Thank you baby wipes, for coming in the clutch when I bring my laptop into Starbucks only to realize it’s covered in gunk and pasta sauce. And these aren’t even baby stains. It’s like Mom-cooks-on-top-of-her-expensive-gadgets-and-never-cleans-this-thing stains. Now where was I…

Oh right. Where have the Schaefer’s been the past months? The answer is absolutely all over the place. At least my mind has been. With Baby #3 on the way, a basement renovation, both the kids starting preschool, work schedules changing, and no dull moments EVER, it’s been hectic. Full of blessed privileges and chaos. I’m 99% sure that’s only half of it. Oh and per doctor’s orders, “Mrs. Schaefer you should take it easy”.  Continue reading


Why I’m Not Trying to Be Happy



I write this as November draws to a close. This Fall has been uncomfortably warm but winter chill has been quickly setting in. While each season brings it’s own posse of feelings, I tend to like Autumn’s the best. Renewal. Anticipation. Warmth. It’s almost a mini New Year’s. Setting new goals before winter hibernation. Anticipating the holidays and all the wild joy they bring. The comfort of snuggling up after retreating from the outdoor chill. Continue reading

I’m Not an Expert, I’m Just a Mom



Sometimes I really love washing dishes. There’s just a bunch of dirty, saucy, food-bit covered mess in your sink and you just scrub the life out of it and then you’re done. Check it off the list. I freakin’ conquered that dish mountain. And that is pretty much the only thing about my day that I can 100% master.

Because then my two year old REALLY needs a bath. And I’m pretty sure I’m not giving my 11 month-old as much love and attention that I gave my daughter at that age. So am I totally ruining their lives now? Am I picking favorites because my son stars in my snapchats more than my daughter? And all my daughter wants is for me to play with her but the floors are a mess and my son keeps licking them so that needs to get done too. And I’m pretty sure I’m doing nothing perfect. But I just love my kids so damn much.

And that is motherhood come full circle. We figure out that there is no game plan. No matter how sure you are that you’ll be awesome at it, nobody actually is all the time. You realize that the neat framework that you want everything to fit in is more like guidelines. You just make the best choices you possibly can in that moment, you do it with love, and you make sure your children know that. No amount of baby gadgets from your shower or click-bait buzzfeed articles can tell you how to do it. You can babysit your nieces and nephews, work at a daycare, soak up every bit of it you can in hopes that you’re somewhat prepared but you just won’t be. And that’s ok.

Love. Lovelovelove. You just need to get up everyday and change that diaper with love. Read that story for the millionth time with love (and character voices always!) Stop mid workout for snuggles.

Because that is the adventure of motherhood. Maybe I’m not climbing Kilimanjaro. I’m not traveling the world or going out every night. Let’s be honest, most Friday nights I’m home. But everyday I’m growing. I find new depths. While I may not be changing, I’m discovering. Discovering new and far-reaching capacities within myself that I never knew were there. My capacity to love grows. And it’s hard, occasionally magically, constantly messy, always challenging, and it’s making me stronger.

I hope wherever you find yourself today that you’re discovering things too. Challenge yourself! And it’s not always in the big, magnificent gestures that growth happens, but the everyday push. The persistent effort. Grow. Struggle. Discover. Be happy.

Go Home Halloween, You’re Drunk!

Halloween is probably the holiday I hate the most. Call me a party pooper but I just dislike it. I’m thinking this started at the age it became uncool to actually wear a costume. I still don’t see the problem with the good old sheet over your head with cut-out eye holes. Call me crazy but the ghost costume gets me every time. Continue reading

What You’ve Missed

So if Summer was busy then Fall is insanity. I’d really been looking forward to switching gears and slowing down but things are booking up fast (oh the ball and chain that is popularity…). But here’s what you’ve missed

photo (2)
Maggie got a taste for world travel, and developed this weird gremlin smile. Continue reading

Product Rave: Not Looking Like a Run-Down Mommy

I love my daughter but my little ray of sunshine is quickly becoming a night owl. Though she is still hopelessly lacking in pearly whites, I’ll blame it on the teething. Every night is different. She’s up every hour. She sleeps through the night. Needless to say, I’m waking up like a zombie (when I hear my alarm, anyway…I slept through 4 of them this morning).

These circumstances and the fact that I’m typically light on my beauty routine do not mix well. I’ve always been somewhat anti-fake lashes, smokey-eye , rouge-crazy (for day time at least). Foundationing and concealing away my dark circles and puffy eyes was not an enticing option.

Then my July Birchbox arrived And I found Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (cue the harp!)

image (8) Continue reading