On My List: Super Mom Edition

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Lately I’ve been suffering from Super Mom complex. I need to do everything. Be everywhere. Organic meals. Lots of baked goods. Totally crafty household. It’s horrible. The truth is, I don’t typically get around to these things but they weigh on my mind, make me feel like I’m not doing enough for my family. Maggie is watching way too much Disney Junior and her food is ridden with GMOs and the laundry isn’t done. I always find myself tripping on that Super Mom cape.

But, I’m trying to make 2015 different. I won’t call it a New Years resolution. Self-evaluation is better. While I’ve been struggling with the realization that I can’t do everything (shocker), there are some things I can do. I’ve resolved to stop worrying about my Super cape and make some time for myself. To stop being a martyr and start being a role model. This year holds lot of changes for our family and I’m bent on starting it out right. Not to mention, capes are just not sensible day wear.

Here are a few things that I’ve found fun and simple to maintain for myself over the past few months.


1. Ballet Beautiful. I was super excited to discover the Ballet Beautiful workout series! After 5 years of studying ballet, and being a few years out of it, it feels great to get those same muscles moving again without dragging myself to a Barre class. After 2 months of steady workouts, I’m totally hooked! The website has a ton of options from video chatting into live classes online, streaming customized workout videos, and dvds. Founder and trainer Mary Helen Bowers is very calm and encouraging in each video, which is nice when it feels like your legs and ass are on fire.


2. I’ve been taking steps to make reading more of a habit in my life. Even if it’s just a little before bedtime, in a waiting room, or while the baby is napping. This book might be so 2012 (but really, gimme a break) but I’m really enjoying Pamela Druckerman’s French parenting wisdom in Bringing Up Bébé. I usually have a hard time getting through any sort of self-help/advice book but this is a hard one to put down.


3. Between cold winter winds and and daily diaper changing, my hands are a wrecked! Cracked, peeling, bleeding. It’s a real pretty picture.  Basically pain is a great motivator and I’m bent on treating my hands to some TLC. My two must haves: Ducray Ictyane Hand Cream and Lemon Kitchen Hand Scrub. A gift from a friend who recently travelled in France, Ducray Ictyane has rave reviews in Europe and I’m definitely seeing results. As for this yummy homemade hand scrub (also gifted from a friend), this is the perfect quick mani treatment. My hands were glowing post use!